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Our Company

Sauce Empire Manufacturing Sdn Bhd is a Malaysia base company. The Company was established since year 2000 as a family oriented business and slowly evolved into an organisation with corporate management. Supplying majority to food service sectors and introducing Asian Taste to all over the world. Nyolike’s product, the Company flagship brand is celebrated by major hotels, restaurants, middle and upper class cafes, and even hawkers stalls in Malaysia due to its versatility.

Our Founder

Mr. Simon Leau, with over 45 years of culinary experienced. Learned culinary skill from the most traditional ways from young age and yet, he is still keen to improvise and innovate to the modern way of dining and culinary.

Why Nyolike

  • Professionally supplying to food service sector for over 20 years
  • Effective Cost Control with minimum preparation wastage
  • Minimize manpower with minimum training & skill required
  • Effective Quality Control
  • Convenience, Time Saving & Space Saving
  • Provide professional consultation, knowledge sharing & supports
  • Accept OEM & Contract Manufacturing


Expanded to China. Successfully obtain China Labelling & CIQ (China Inspection & Quarantine) passed. The Company also have ready stock in China for domestic trading.

Expanded the Company’s presence to Jakarta, Indonesia, in collaboration with a fast-growing chain restaurants in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The Company had successfully got certified by Malaysia JAKIM Halal Department (Certificate for Muslims Consumption)

The Company had moved to their new production plant. With more advance facilities and systematic production.

The Company had become one of a major Cooking Paste Supplier in Klang Valley, Malaysia.

Chain Restaurant and F&B Franchising was rising in Malaysia. Due to this, many F&B owner had begun to realize the advantages of ready to use Cooking Paste. Within a very short time, the Company had accumulated a very strong customer base and start growing ever since.

It was not easy for the Company to sustain after the setting up stage. As the culture was not there yet. The Company was having a very difficult time and moving towards the verge of liquidation. It was the founder, Mr. Simon Leau, beliefs and persistent that enables the Company

Our founder, Mr. Simon Leau, had always been passionate of sharing his culinary knowledge with others. He also sees the demand for cooking paste in the modern living lifestyle, no matters in business or home use. So, he had ended all his restaurant business and started his paste manufacturing factory.


Sijil Halal Malaysia

Sijil Halal Malaysia

Sijil Halal Malaysia

Sijil Halal Malaysia